Board & Train

The 4 week Board & Train programme is ideal for those dog owners who have busy schedules. Ideal when planning to go on holidays. You will return with your dog having received a kickstart in training.

While on the programme your dog will be given multiple short training sessions throughout the day. Dogs learn more efficiently this way and progress is much faster. In addition your dog will enjoy exercise, play and rest periods. This programme is limited to 2 dogs at any time.

Lexi before and after one month’s training

How does it work? I make an initial assessment and develop a tailored training programme for your dog.

Your dog is trained in all types of practical situations, inside and outside. The dog is worked around people, other dogs and in many different environments. It is important to teach you the same methods I use in training your dog and to ensure that the new and positive behaviour will transfer to your home and environment.

I believe that the most effective training includes both the owner and the dog and will serve you and your dog for your dog’s lifetime.

The Board & Train programme includes 6 free Group Training & Pack Walk sessions after the Board & Train programme has been completed.

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Training your dog is an ongoing process, not just a once-off event and therefor it is important that the training is transferred from me to you. You will be taught how to manage and live with your dog to keep your dog’s newly acquired behaviours strong and reliable.