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Our new Stay & Train program

The Stay & Train program is ideal for those owners who have busy schedules. It is ideal when planning to go on holidays. Having attended the Stay & Train program, your dog will have received a kickstart in training.

At the Stay & Train program, your dog will be given multiple short training sessions throughout the day. It has been proven that dogs learn more efficiently and progress is much faster with multiple short sessions, than a single long training sessions. In addition your dog will be given exercise, play and rest periods.

Dave will only accept a small number of dogs on the Stay & Train program at any time to ensure sufficient time is dedicated to your dog’s training.

It is important to understand that training your dog is an ongoing process, not just a once-off event. Some dog owners are able to come and attend training sessions during the Stay & Train period. In any case, Dave will spend time with you and your dog at the end of the Stay & Train period to transfer skills required to keep your dog’s newly acquired behaviours strong and reliable.

To find out more, ring Dave on 087 – 795 1268.