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Information on training aids in dog training

A labrador pup in a body harness at the puppy training class at Brunnock Canine Solutions, Limerick.
A Labrador pup in a body harness

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and propaganda out in the dog world in relation to training aids used in dog training.

Many years ago we just had a simple check chain and leash, which could be bought in any pet store. However, it was often used incorrectly – it simply did not come with instructions.

Today we have a wide choice of training aids – body harness, head harness, clickers, slip lead martingale collars, remote collar, pinch collar, flexi lead, to name a few. Some are more effective than others, but not every training aid suits every dog.

We use all training aids in a correct humane way and more importantly we teach you how to use them correctly. We do not sell any training aids without teaching the owner how to use them in a humane manner. We endeavour to offer something that will work safely with you and your dog in the long term, not just something that sounds good but eventually fails you and the dog.

We don’t want to waste your time and money on training aids and methods that are not effective.