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Your puppy will learn the basics of puppy training. It is fun and enjoyable and the puppies love it.

Puppy Training & Socialisation

We recommend that you start your puppy’s training as soon as you get your puppy. It is easier to start by teaching correct behaviour rather than correcting a pup that doesn’t have an understanding of what it has done wrong.

If you wish to give your pup the perfect start contact us on (087) 7951268 and we will be happy to book you in for a scheduled appointment with your pup. We  are located in the Eastlink Business Park, Ballysimon Road  in Limerick (behind DFS) daily from 10am Monday to Saturday.

We run weekly puppy socialisation classes

We begin with a one to one session at our Dog Training Center at the Eastlink Business Park, Limerick. This session covers house training and basic puppy training which is appropriate to your puppy’s stage of development. This puppy training focuses on teaching your puppy desired correct behaviours by employing reward based methods. Puppy training is about giving your puppy an education rather than correcting them. This is the perfect time to build a lifelong bond with your puppy. Most puppy problems can be solved in this one to one session. You will need to allow about two hours for this consultation and training session.

we recommend that you start very young as puppies of three and four months of age learn at a very rapid rate

We run weekly puppy club  classes for fully vaccinated pups that have already completed the one to one session. These classes are an excellent source of controlled socialisation  and training for your young puppy. The peak period of socialisation for your puppy is between seven and sixteen weeks of age. Many behavioural problems found in dogs stem from a lack of proper socialisation during this vital period. Your puppy will be exposed to lots of new people (men, women and children) and they have the opportunity to play and interact with other puppies of their own age in a caring and controlled environment.

Your puppy will learn the basics of puppy training. We create a foundation using a balanced reward system. Puppies who complete this puppy training and socialisation find more advanced and formal training at a later stage very easy. While dogs can be trained at any age we recommend that you start as soon as they are usually fully vaccinated, which is around ten or eleven weeks. Young  puppies  learn at a very rapid rate. It is important to start imprinting good behaviour and socialisation at this age. It is fun and enjoyable and the puppies love it.

Our Puppy I classes are held on Wednesday evening at 7pm.

Our training is based on a balanced reward system, which is fun and will strengthen the bond between dog and owner.

Izzy the Cocker Spaniel learning her puppy basics