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We offer a Free Demo of our training for dogs over 20 weeks during which we can discuss a training package best suited to your dog.

Brunnock Canine Solutions - Dog Training Limerick

Is your dog difficult to handle and out of control?

Is your dog driving you crazy?

Does your dog take you for a walk?

Does your dog jump?

Does your dog run away and not return?

Does your dog bark all day?

Does your dog act aggresively towards other dogs and people?

We Can Help

Really, we can

Results that work in the real world, beyond your house and back yard!


to Brunnock Canine Solutions dog training and behaviour center in Limerick, run by Dave Brunnock.

Dave Brunnock is a full-time certified dog trainer and behaviour practitioner since 2003 but has been training dogs since the mid eighties. He uses a gentle balanced reward based system of training. Dave uses a combination of training techniques, since all dogs are unique. What may work for one dog, may not work for another therefore the training is adjusted to suit  each individual dog or puppy. Don’t give up on your dog without giving us a try. If you are serious about training your dog to an effective standard we are serious about helping you.

Dave’s training techniques are gentle, effective and balanced and will result in strengthening the bond between dog and owner, giving you a happy dog that walks properly on and off the lead, long sit and down stays, no jumping on people or lunging at other dogs and comes instantly on command. A dog you can be proud of anywhere.

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Brunnock Canine Solutions specialise in:

  • Puppy Training
  • Puppy Socialisation Classes
  • Training for any dog, any age
  • On and off leash obedience
  • Help with problem behaviour

Training takes place both place in our 3,800 square foot indoor training centre and outside, weather permitting.

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