Questions & Answers

Q. Do you start training dogs with One-to-One Training or Group Class Training?

A. I specialise in One-to-One Training as it is a better way to train dogs with less distractions and less stress from other dogs and people. All my attention is focused on the owner and their dog. Once progress has been made I use my own trained dogs in the distraction phase of dog training. Once progress has been made they can join group classes, which I run for small groups of dogs and owners.

Q. My puppy has not had all its vaccinations, but I am struggling with my puppy’s behaviour. Can I still bring the pup for training?

A. You can start with an owner only training session without bringing the puppy and once the puppy had all its vaccinations you can bring the puppy too. Puppy Training is also owner training!

Q. What does the puppy learn in puppy training?

A. Your puppy will learn the meaning of commands. You will learn how to correctly expose your dog to its environment, to other dogs, other animals, children and people and learn to accept handling. You will also learn about positive imprint behaviour training and puppy management.

Q. When is the best age to train a dog?

A. From 3 months to 8 months is the best age to get training started, the earlier the better. Puppies are very reward driven which fits in really well with our positive reinforcement training.  We train older dogs all the time, it just takes a little longer as they have established a pattern of behaviours.

Q. I have booked my first sessions. Is there anything I should do before coming to my first session?

A. Yes, as we use a balanced reward based system of training it is important not to overfeed your dog before training. When the dog is hungry on training day, it will make training easier for you and the puppy or dog. Please bring some of its preferred food or treats.
Also, ensure that your dog’s collar or harness is fitted correctly.
If your dog has aggression issues to other dogs or humans, or is very nervous, please keep the dog in the car until you see me. I will assist you to bring in your dog safely.

Q. Will I need some training aids to help me train the dog or puppy?

A. Yes, I have quality training aids in stock for sale. Training aids are not included in the training fee. I will be able to assess what training aids will work best for your dog on training day.

Q. Up to what age can a dog attend puppy training?

A. puppy can attend puppy training up to 5 months of age. Puppy training always starts as one-to-one sessions. Owners and puppies that have completed the one-to-one training can attend puppy group classes where there will be small numbers, so that individual attention is giving to both owners and dogs.

Q. Will a puppy be fully trained after puppy training?

A. The puppy will be partly trained, puppy training is basically a foundation for  future dog training. It prepares the dog for more formal obedience training. Puppy training in essence is like playschool, whereas the next level dog training is more geared to real world situations.

Q. What comes after puppy training?

A. More formal obedience dog training comes after puppy has completed puppy training. Click here for more information:

Q. How long does it take to train my dog?

A. Many dogs make a big improvements between 1-3 one-to-one sessions. A fully trained dog takes longer.

Q. My dog is 3 years old and healthy, but still has toileting issues in the house, can this be fixed?

A. Yes, but it is usually owner training that is needed, as this issue is most often caused by human error.

Q. How much is the cost of puppy or dog training?

A. Prices can be found on the Booking Page

Q. What are your opening times?

A. We are open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am.