Dog Training

Do you feel your dog exhibits embarrassing, frustrating or dangerous behaviours? Does your dog only listen to you when it is convenient to them? Does your dog engage in jumping up, pulling on the leash, running off, ignoring commands, destructive behaviour or other issues?

I can help to create a better relationship with your dog by providing training that focuses on training that includes both the owner and dog, resulting in owners able to live a happier and less stressful life with their dogs. It is geared for the real world, so both of you can venture out into almost any environment and be under effective control.

Dog training sessions are One-To-One which gives the attention to you and your dog, with less distraction which is easier for the dog and the owner to learn. I use my own dogs for the distraction phase of the session.

My training of dogs and older pups is a little different from puppy training and I will try to explain the reasons for this here.

I prefer to start dogs and older pups of 5 months or older with One-To-One training, at this stage they have outgrown the peak socialisation period and most dogs need a less distracting, calm and stress free environment in the early stages of learning. While its easy enough to manage small puppies in groups it becomes a little harder as they mature and groups for dogs at this stage can be stressful for some. Many may have had very little exposure to other dogs and people and the general environment during the small puppy stage others may have been overexposed and are becoming boisterous. Most need some stabilisation and obedience before socialisation at this stage. Once the dogs have progressed and owners have a skillset we can introduce my trained and safe dogs in the distraction phase of training.

Effective Dog training has the following phases:

A beginning phase where its better to have zero distractions to make learning easier for the dog and owner.

A distraction phase, during this time the dog will know some behaviours so we can we start to introducing distractions, e.g. background noise, traffic, other trained dogs under control and people.)

A proofing phase where distractions just become like background noise to the dog (e.g. the dog ignores the distractions of the environment, noise, other dogs and people and has some real engagement with their owners. Group training is beneficial for some dogs and owner at this stage.

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