Due to the Covid-19 pandemic I am currently only offering one-to-one dog training sessions held outdoors.

Depending on progress made, further training sessions may be required.

Please DO NOT attend your training session if you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of Covid-19

Note: I do not offer group classes at present until such time Covid-19 is surpressed.

Sanitizing hand gel is available onsite.

Please wear a mask upon arrival of your training session.

Dog Training

Do you feel your dog exhibits embarrassing, frustrating or dangerous behaviours? Does your dog only listen to you when it is convenient to them? Does your dog engage in jumping up, pulling on the leash, running off, ignoring commands, destructive behaviour or other issues?

I can help to create a better relationship with your dog by providing training that focuses on training that includes both the owner and dog, resulting in owners able to live a happier and less stressful life with their dogs.

Dog training sessions are one-to-one which gives the attention to you and your dog, with less distraction which is easier for the dog and the owner to learn. I use my own dogs for the distraction phase of the session.

Please click here to book your dog training session.