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Dog Training

I am a Reward Based Balanced Trainer

Straight of the bat – I would like to say that if I did not have a love for dogs, I would not be able to do my job.

I have been training dogs since the mid eighties and started off using traditional training methods with lots of success, but I am now a Reward Based Balanced Trainer.

I have always been progressive in terms of new methods in dog training if it is practical, humane and effective and it makes sense to both the dog and the owner. I will explain what a reward based balanced trainer is and what it is not.

As a reward based balanced trainer I use a mix of the best parts from positive reinforcement training and the best from traditional training. The foundation of training dogs for me is all positive reward based, followed by balanced training. A good balanced trainer uses all four quadrants of animal learning theory.

Our training methods are based on a balanced reward system.

Good effective balanced training has many components, it is about engaging with your dog and building a relationship with your dog utilizing training aids correctly and timely. Your dog should understand which behaviours are appropriate and which ones are not. Dogs think in black and white and clearly communicating with your dog what is appropriate and what is not, gives you a happy balanced and relaxed dog.

I have trained owners and rehabilitated their dogs, who failed with previous training methods. The owners were told that they would have to reconcile themselves by accepting the dog’s behaviours and not taking the dog out in public. The reality is that dogs are happiest when they clearly know what is expected from them, remember they think in black and white! Consistently great behaviour from our dogs means they are included in the family and family activities. Effective balanced training keeps dogs out of animal shelters and from being euthanized.

Our training methods are very effective, humane, fun and reliable in the real world.

You can choose whether you want to engage in the all positive training methods or the reward based balanced training methods. It is your choice!

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Puppy training starts with a one-to-one session. Once this is completed you may join our weekly Puppy Club which involves socialisation and training. Our puppy training and socialisation classes are based on a balanced  reward based system, which are fun and help strengthen the bond between owner and puppy.

All puppies must be fully vaccinated before training can commence. Puppy classes are designed to cater for puppies between 10-18 weeks of age.

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We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am.

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