Puppy Training

We recommend that you start your puppy’s training as soon as you get your puppy. It is easier to start by teaching correct behaviour rather than correcting a pup that doesn’t have an understanding of what it has done wrong.

My Puppy training starts with a One-To-One session which gives you the owner a better understanding and skill set of the reward based puppy training system that I use. This session covers house training, positive puppy imprint training of basic commands and puppy management. It also covers how to correctly socialise your puppy as you will find this is quite different to human socialisation. I will cover any behavioural issues you are struggling with. Once the One-To-One session is completed the pup can move on to puppy group socialisation classes, as structured exposure to other pups at this age is very beneficial. Puppies usually outgrow this class around 18 to 20 weeks of age.

At 5 to 6 months of age the pups usually come back for more One-To-One training sessions to complete their basic training which is a little different to puppy training. A little more is expected at this age as they are starting to grow rapidly and mature. I do not train a 12 week old pup the same as a 6 month old one, a little more training needs to be added to the positive puppy foundation for the older puppies. Early puppy training makes the next level of training so much easier as the pup is now confident and has learned quite a lot. You can compare it with playschool for children, they have a solid foundation and need to move to the next level to complete their training.

This training and advice session is suitable for puppies up to 16 weeks of age.

Suitable for fully vaccinated puppies.

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